SmartApp to Monitor 'Live Logging'?

Is there (or could there be) any such thing as a SmartApp (or anything else) that can be used to monitor for certain string of text in Live Logging, and make it a trigger for SmartApp actions, rules engines, etc?

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What are you making now? lol

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The impetus for this was this question I posted elsewhere…

“Is there any way of monitoring for and/or acting on a press of a ‘button’ that is part of a SmartApp (not a Device Handler)?”

…but then I realized this functionality may be useful elsewhere.

Is this a community smartapp or something you wrote?

I think you will find techniques in user krlaframboise apps.


It’s something I’d like to see created.
As far as I am aware, it doesn’t exist yet.
That’s why I put it in the section named ‘SmartApp Ideas’. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will look into this…

SmartApps can create and subscribe to location events and that’s how SmartApps like CoRE and Ask Alexa can be used by other SmartApps.

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to get information from live logging.

I’m no coder (yet). So, please take this for what it is…just a guy thinking about something…

Your comment prompts this thought in my mind…

I can get information from Live Logging.
Why couldn’t an app, or something?

The only debugging tool that developers have is Live Logging so it’s primarily used for debugging and could potentially expose information that other SmartApps shouldn’t have access to so it’s probably not possible for security reasons.

If a SmartApp or Device Handler wants a certain piece of information exposed it will create an event for it.

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