SmartApp Status Stuck as "Edited". How Do I Publish?

I updated my SmartApps using “Update From Repo” but didn’t check the “Publish” checkbox. Now they are all stuck in the “Edited” state. How do I publish the changes? Or at a minimum, how can I revert so I can use “Update From Repo” again with the “Publish” checkbox checked?

Just open the SmartApp source code in the IDE and click “Publish (for me)”. That’s all there is to it.

There is no such button that I can see. This is a full screenshot.

Try clicking on the name of the device handler or smartapp.

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As @jkp mentioned…

Click on MY SmartApps, then click the name of a SmartApp as highlighted below…

then click PUBLISH and ForMe as highlighted below

Thanks, I see it now.