SmartApp "Random Lights On-Off ": Turn On-Off yours selected ligths at random intervals

If someone is interested in turning lights on-off , off-on randomly with manual activation/deactivation or through automations or smart lighting app.
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You rock Mariano, thanks !!

Hi @CarlosJ

Thinking that groovy will disappear at some point:
The edge drivers zigbee light Multifunction Mc, zigbee switch Mc and zigbee switch Power Mc have this feature built into each device individually.

You may do:

  • Program the minimum and maximum random time in each device, switch, light bulb, plug.

-start or stop random fuction on all devices at the same time with routines at a certain time and in a certain location mode.

  • Or you delay the stop random function in some devices in order to no Turn Off all bulbs that can are On.

If you have bulbs or switches that are not in my drivers, for example if it is zwave, you can create mirror automations, so that they change state when a light changes with random fuction:

I have it working on several lights and switches around the house and it has worked great this summer.

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Do you speak Spanish my friend?

Thats really great my friend, when the time comes to leave Groovy sure I will use your Edge Drivers. I have a doubt my friend. What happens with Hue Lights, connected by Hue Hub to ST ? Now they are as “Placeholder” in IDE interface (maybe use virtual/simulated lights devices?). Thanks in advance !

yes it’s my language

I can’t help you on that, I don’t use it and I don’t know how the Hue smartthings integration works

Entiendo Mariano. Una pregunta, se puede asignar uno de tus Edge Drivers a un Switch Virtual o Simulado que pueda ser después utilizado para controlar las luces Hue ?. Muchas gracias por tu amable atención. !

Un switch virtual ya tiene su propio controlador, tipo DTH o Edge driver.

Existen switch virtuales Edge driver, en mi canal hay uno y hay dispositivos virtuales de todo tipo hechos por otros usuarios @TAustin o @ygerlovin


Excelente Mariano, muchas gracias !..y en tu Switch Virtual tiene esta funcionalidad opcional de apagarse y prenderse aleatoriamente ?

Hola Carlos,

No tiene esa funcionalidad, pero la pondré.
Te aviso cuando esté hecho

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Genial mi amigo !! De esta forma con el switch virtual se puede usar la función random ON/OFF para cualquier tipo de dispositivo, inclusive aquellos “afuera” de ST como Hue Lights por ejemplo…en cuanto migre a los Edge Drivers usaré los tuyos…GRACIAS !

Will you please explain further how to use the random on-off with z-wave switches? I’m sorry I’m not understanding how to set that up.

This function is not in the Z-Wave drivers.

The edge drivers zigbee light Multifunction Mc , zigbee switch Mc and zigbee switch Power Mc have this feature built into each device individually.

If you have any zigbee bulb or switch with my Mc drivers you can program the function on zigbee devices.
For Z-wave lights you can create a mimic routine with one of the zigbee devices.

For example:

  • precondición: Location Mode: Away
  • zigbee device changes state (on or off)


  • Z-wave device changes state (on or off)

you can put more than one Zwave bulb with each zigbee device.

I am going to implement the function in my virtual switch driver and with it, as @CarlosJ says, routines can be made for a random on of un other light bulbs.

In this way when you activate the Rutine for Random function in the zigbee or virtual device it will also be activated in the Zwave device that imitates the zigbee or virtual

When the routine to deactivate the random function is executed you have to also turn off the Zwave bulb


@CarlosJ, @Terri_Baker

Virtual driver modified for on-off random function

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