SmartApp for Full API access?

Is there available or has anyone written a SmartApp that provides fullblown API access? I’m looking to be able to call the SmartApp and basically do top down calls and get Jason back for all Locations, Hubs, Devices and be able to drill down into them. Eventually be able to issues commands, etc. In other words I will have my own front end for the most part.

If someone already has done this and is willing to share the SmartApp I’m sure it will be a huge time saver.

Did you look at this?

Thanks for the link Morgan. I am well beyond that point and have quite a few things already accessing my various apps endpoints.

What I am looking to do is avoid having to build out all the end points for all the areas of the API (locations, hubs, devices, types of devices, etc) if someone has already done it. If not, I’ll be doing this as I will have a custom front end controlling the hub and the devices.

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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Has nobody created this?

Check out smarttiles

This has been asked in past developer calls, and they are working on it. There are other API’s but we don’t have access to them at this point. Building out a custom endpoint API is about the best you can get right now.

That’s what i was asking for. If somebody made an endpoint they could share that exposes all of the data\commands that would be wonderful. Could save me hours of work :smile:

Here is what I use for my custom app. Has most of the possible endpoints exposed.

Thanks Jody. That’s perfect