Smartapp (dev) in IDE

I haven’t noticed this before, and perhaps someone has asked the same question, but I didnt’ see it in a quick search.

What does the (Dev) mean in the IDE under smartapp? When I hover over it it says “local app installation enabled” Does that mean it is installed directly on my V2 hub? Or is it something that has been there that means nothing? Or?

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What does the (Dev) mean in the IDE under smartapp? [/quote]
It means you have the checkbox ticked under Developer Options (click ‘Bloom’ and scroll to bottom).

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We haven’t been told all the details yet…

I think it means that you can be using a custom child SmartApp under a Published standard parent SmartApp. Seems like this would not be very necessary, but maybe there’s more to the purpose, like running custom children under standard Dashboard Solution SmartApps? Just speculation.

Probably nothing to do with more local executions… Yet!

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For me it’s a pain. Every time I publish a new smartapp I have to remember to go into the IDE and uncheck this option. Otherwise I cannot see the smartapp in the app.

I’ve seen others saying this, I haven’t had that experience. Even though this is selected for some of my apps they have been showing up in my apps section on the mobile app.

It’s a pain for everyone and I don’t think it is supposed to function this way even if the box is checked.

It’s a known bug that I thought was fixed on Friday’s platform release. See release notes?