SmartApp code update

Hi all!
We developed a SmartApp to control the ST devices from our platform Gideon Smart Home ( After we managed to get the public approval (A web service SmartApp: public approval or what?), we are now unable to update the SmartApp code. Currently the smartapp is here:

I’ve tried with pull requests and also tried to contact someone from ST with no luck.

How can we publish our update?



Looking at the Energy Usage Tab, I am curious as to if the use has to put in some input as to what kinds of devices are on that switch or does it work strictly with devices that report power usage?

This looks interesting.

thanks for the reply @rontalley! the consumptions collections run without any user interaction, our platform automatically collects data such as the Watts usage from the devices. The data is then stored and available on demand from the day after.
However, we recently disabled this feature due to improvements and it will not be available for some time. This is why you cannot find the Consumptions tab in the Gideon app.
BTW, regarding ST, the consumptions’ data could be more precise just adding a simple webhook to the smartapp code (this is already on our dev schedule :slightly_smiling_face:)

Anyway, if we could be able to update the smartapp, we would also extend the devices’ compatibility adding new devices such as thermostats, alarms and so on…

maybe @slagle or @Tyler know the right people to contact

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If your original SmartApp has been Approved and Published and deployed as an official SmartApp by SmartThings, you must do all your updates via the same process.

You can’t just update GitHub.

Contact the same folks who published you the first time!

Hi @tgauchat
@slagle is the person who nicely helped us with the approval process.
But from the last conversation we had with him a while ago, it seems that the process to update the smartapp is different now.
What should be the best way to go?

Thanks for the help.

I sent you a PM.