SmartApp activity logs with odd entries

I am getting unusual info on the activity section of many of my things… See below. Any ideas? My iphone seems to have this issue but wifes seems fine.

Any ideas what that is? I am thinking of delete app and redownloading but wanted to see if anyone else had this.


Perfectly normal. There is a section to turn on the additional logging, which for you, appears to be on. You can shut that off if you go to the support section in the app, select Help us Debug, and remove the selection from the display extra events. Let me know if you need any more help.

thanks @chevyman142000 … was not sure what that did but always okay helping debug.

You are missing one entry at 4:56 PM.

Wine Bottles are empty.

SmartSense moisture sensor in a decanter may help. :slight_smile: