Smart Weather Station Tile Device (add using IDE)

Where is the Controller app to refresh the tile? I swear it isn’t under More->Convenience. Does it need to be loaded from the IDE?

Hi! Anyway to make it show weather for cities outside the U.S.?

Curious to know whether anyone has had any difficulties with this tile refreshing. I have pollster set to poll the weather every 2 minutes, but when I wake up in the morning nothing has changed from the night before.

I’ve recently noticed it’s not updating either. I’ve opened a ticket with ST support and will let you know what I find out.

As an update, here is the response I got from ST support:

Hey Carson,

Thanks for reaching out. It looks like this is a problem with the app reported by all users. We’re looking into fixing it.


SmartThings Support


I’ve been noticing the same problem for the past month. My whole house fan app is relying on the weather station to turn on the fan. It’s running at the wrong times because it doesn’t has the latest outside temperature.

yeah, my weather tile hasn’t been updating as well.

I’ve noticed this as well. I connected Pollster to the Weather app and set it to refresh hourly.

How did you connect it, mine doesn’t show up in the list to refresh?

I have the same issue. When I open Pollster and look at the list of available things to poll, my weather station app isn’t included in this list. Did you have to do something special to get it included in the Pollster list?

There are widespread issues with ST scheduling in general being discussed here: Scheduler and Polling quits after some minutes, hours, or days

Basically, the short summary is that all types of schedules are randomly and silently dying after some period of time, sometimes once per day, sometimes once per week. This affects any SmartApp that does polling, which would include this one.

Some of us have figured out workarounds to automatically kickstart the dead schedules, but unfortunately this particular published app doesn’t have that schedule code exposed, so there’s no easy way to add that kind of modification.

Pollster is the best alternative, but most of us have seen that after some time, pollster eventually dies, too, and you have to reintialize pollster or the app manually to restart the polling.

I created a new device type from template in IDE and selected the SmartWeather Station Tile template. In the code I added polling as one of its capabilities, saved, and published for me. I then went under devices, edited the Weather tile and selected my custom SmartWeather Station device as the device type. After doing that you can add the Weather tile to Pollster, but like others mentioned, Pollster also dies all the time.

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I didn’t realize polling had to be manually to the SmartWeather Station device as a capability for Pollster to see it. Good to know!

For now I uninstalled and reinstalled the SmartWeather Station Controller SmartApp via the IDE. It’s been running for the last few days, but I won’t be surprised if that also dies (again).

I’ve been having the same non-updating issue occurring, though it sounds like we’ve settled that it’s a ST issue.

I have another question for folks using this, though. I’d really like to use the rain gauge portion of my weather station as a sensor, but I don’t see any way to access this functionality as things now stand.

Has anyone used this rain gauge as a sensor? If so, how? Thanks in advance for any help.

Is it possible to have multiple instances of the ‘SmartWeather Station Tile’?

weatherunderground not working anymore?

6:52:43 PM: warn No response from Weather Underground API

How does one change from Deg F to Deg Celcius ?
Sorry if this question has been asked already (i just couldn’t find the answer)

The only way to change is to choose at the Location level.

Go to the IDE, you will find this flag in Location properties.

Where does a V2 user find Smart Weather station or its code? I can’t find it.

@zosobao I think you’ll need to look in the IDE (I assume it doesn’t matter which version of the hub you have).
I’m pretty sure that’s how I installed mine.

–My Devices
----New Device
------Type: SmartWeather Station Tile

Also, since it doesn’t seem to update (or not very frequently enough), you might want to check out @RBoy’s controller app too…

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I finally figured out how to install the SmartWeather tile using the IDE site. And in my locations settings I can set temperature to Celcius, but wind speed displays in mph instead of kilometres per hour. How do I change that?