Smart Weather Station Tile Device (add using IDE)

You need the “Smart Weather Station Controller”, it’s mentioned somewhere on here.

Using your phone go to: +, MORE, Convenience.


Perfect so there are 2 steps for future reference:

Install the Smart Weather Tile Device from the WebIde (kinda silly but that’s the way it is)
Login to https://ide.smartthings.com22
Go to devices tab (
Click new device button in top right corner (
Choose whatever you want for name and network id. Change type to SmartWeather Station Tile. Choose your location. Leave everything else alone.
Click create.

Install the Smart App “SmartWeather Station Controller”. It’s found under “+” > More > Convenience. This updates the weather tiles every hour.


Thanks for this, Dave. Didn’t know about the second part.

Is there any way to get it to update a little more frequently? I looked at Pollster, but it doesn’t pick the Smart Weather Station up as a polling target.

When I look at my copy of SmartWeather Station Controller in my Convenience section and I click on “Which?” I’m not offered anything to pick from???
I had my SmartWeather Tile selected at one time but now its not showing up in the SmartWeather Station Controller??

Any ideas? (My SmartWeather Station Tile has some updated code in it)

I first noticed this option missing tonight in my ActiON Dashboard options! I had to reset my ActiON dashboard (because I changed my Hello Home Actions) and when I went to select my SmartWeather Station Controller for “Which Weather” there was nothing there!

My Smart Weather Tile with updated code (Wind Direction, Gusts, and Precip Totals) works perfectly in the “Things” section.


UPDATE: it’s my Device Type, just have to figure out how to change the Device Type without changing my edited code. Thx. @nelemansc ?

Does anyone know how to fix this? Can I keep the old Device Type Name and use the updated code? That way it should be selectable in ActiON and the SmartWeather Station Controller.

Been like this for me since day one. Support didn’t know how to solve it.

When I go back to the published SmartWeather Tile it is selectable in ActiON and in the Controller. But not with the revised code.

Not that I know, you will need to create a custom device type if you want to use custom code. Why not just change the device type. It won’t change the actual device or any smart apps linked to it.

Anyone have any thoughts on this one? I have setup the device under My Device Types then created a Device that points to SmartWeather Station Tile v2. Am I missing something to allow the SmartWeather Station Controller to see anything when I select “Which?”

Use Pollster instead of the SmartWeather controller. The SmartWeather controller does not recognize v2.

Thank you! The Smart weather tile now updates. Next question, I would like to build a smartapp that would allow me to perform a semi-simple task and that is: turn on certain lights if the outside lighting drops below a certain lux (ie. its’ really cloudy or rainy).

The reason I need an app to perform this rather than IFTT is two-fold

  1. I only want the app to trigger when I am in home mode (basing lights upon outdoor lux would result in my lights running all night); and
  2. I would like the ability to set dimming levels (which is not possible in IFTT).

Any ideas on even where to start?

Look for the “Light Up the Night” app.

@acastal Thank you for the tip. That gave me a lot of great information. I played around with the app and added a dimmer to set at a specific level.

Just so my understanding is clear… when I am in the simulator/install the app, what part of the code instructs the smart app to check the luminosity value of the smartweather tile. For example, the current lux on the weather tile is 3785.

The smart app (if I am interpreting the code correctly) seems to only set a trigger when the lux drops below 30 (which seems to be pitch black).

Am I correct?

That is my understanding. You can change that number in your modified app. The aeon multi only reports up to 1000 I think. I’m Not sure how 30 was picked but it seems to work for me.

Does anyone know why the weather station controller isn’t update the tile? It’s supposed to do it every hour but it only updates it every few days. I need to manually refresh it.

Hey RB, I just checked my logs, and the controller app is firing for me every hour. I have the original smart weather station tile, not v2.

Yep me too, using the original it was working till a few weeks ago then it just stopped. Let me try to delete it and reinstall and see what happens :frowning:

You might try Pollster instead.

Hah just figured it out, there was confusion in the naming the controller was accidentally deleted a few weeks ago leaving just the tile!

I just want to make sure I am interpreting this portion of the code correctly. I have set the integers and really high levels to intentionally trigger a response and so far nothing.

// New aeon implementation
def illuminanceHandler(evt) {
def lastStatus = state.lastStatus
if (lastStatus != “on” && evt.integerValue < 2000) {
state.lastStatus = “on”
else if (lastStatus != “off” && evt.integerValue > 11000) {
state.lastStatus = “off”

What this would mean is that if the luminosity level on my smart tile weather app (v1) exceeds 11000 the lights go off, but if the luminosity drops below 2000 the lights come on. Correct?

Just chiming in here on your values. I have an AEON luminance multi and I have it set for 600 to determine whether it’s too dark outside and the interior lights need to come on. The AEON only seems to go to 0-1000 LUX in full sunlight so 11000 seems like you might be a little close to the sun :smile: