Smart Voltage Monitor - Sump Pump System

Hello Community,

Are you aware of any Smart Voltage Monitors which can be integrated with SmartThings?
Use case is a monitoring of the battery low voltage for a backup sum pump system.


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One DIY project for voltage reading would be using ST_Anything. There also is a Fibaro device that made for RGBW LED control but has 4 analog inputs that could be used to read voltage from 0 - 10v (I believe) but it’s a little pricey just to monitor a single input (around $80)

What is the voltage range? And are you looking to constantly monitor it? I.e. would any sensor you hook up to it drain the battery or is it always being charged?

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Voltage will be in 11-13.5 V. This battery pack is always connected to the charger, and it will switch only during the power outages (Internet router and ST hub are on the UPS).

Sump pump will draw power from the battery pack and ideally I can be notified once the voltage drop 11.9V.

I will research ST_Anything and Fibaro device. Thanks for a tip.