Smart Track Lightning (Lighting Art work?)

I’m looking to light some art work in one direction (relatively close to the ceiling surrounding a tv)

I’ve also considered doing track lighting so I could point a couple of floods to light the rest of the room.

Any thoughts? Should I just go with smart bulbs?

It’d be nice to have controls on the wall as well… any suggestions?


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Bump up to the top … any ideas?

Lots of people have done this with lots of different devices, you can see some of them in the project reports under lighting.

But the short answer is if the Lighting plugs in, you plug it into a smart pocket socket or an RGBW controller if you want color effects. If the lighting works on a switch, you just find a smart device to replace that switch. If the lighting is battery operated, you need to choose one that has a remote that you can then automate.

And some people use spots from underneath that plug-in, like the Hue blooms or something similar.

I think LED strips are probably the most popular, but they can get expensive.

It just really comes down to your own aesthetics, any of these can work technically. :sunglasses: