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Smart Things Widget is taking extra wasted space on iOS 11

(Ron) #1

The Smart Things Widget is taking extra wasted space on iOS 11.
Using ST App 2.7.0 on iOS 11.0.2

Does anyone else have this issue ? It sometimes clears itself but it keeps coming back when I leave the widgets page.

Support says they can’t duplicate the issue. I suspect it is caused by having two locations.


(Robin) #2

Can’t comment on the widget issue but hopefully someone with two locations can chip in, replicate the issue and join your support ticket to raise awareness.

I love your garbage reminder lol… do the same here.

Also, before I moved house and became hubless :sob: I also rigged our bedside light so it refused to turn off until bins were out on the relevant days (arrival sensor on each bin… pavement is outside of range) + annoying nag SMS’s every time I opened an external door!

(Ron S) #3

Love the Garbage Can reminder though! :wink:

(John C) #4

Yes. Two locations, same as what you see, Ron :unamused:

(Ross) #5

One location, same issue.


I see the same issue even with one location.

(Ron) #7

Yes nobody is concerned about my low data warning :warning::laughing:

(Kevin) #8

At least I’m not the only guy that has ‘take trash to the curb’ alert :wink:

(Ron) #9

Support was able to recreate this issue after I pointed this thread out to them so thanks everyone for helping me convince them it’s not just me.