Smart Things for Android


Is there any way to change the order of the tiles on the dashboard? I have found out that you can put them into folders, however that is not what I was looking for. Also, is there a way to name each tile on the dashboard? I always have to open it to see what it actually is.

Thanks in advance!


Press, hold the tile and move it to the place you want. Only way to see the name is shake the phone. I am not kidding! Or you have to click the gear icon.

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Hey thanks for this! The shaking works! Wouldn’t have tried that :slight_smile: Still cannot move the tiles. They will always go back to their initial spot, One step closer though! Thank you!

When you move the tile to the spot you want. The tile in that spot shifts away and leave an empty spot. You then release the tile you were holding and drop it there. Hope I am not confusing you. It’s very similar to moving icon on your ios or Android.

Thank you Sir! Of course it still does not work I’ll play around with it. It does not behave like the Android icons. Documentation for the whole thing would be good. It actually took me a while to figure out that there are apps available and that I can also use my laptop to do stuff and alter scripts. Thanks again!


This might be of interest:

LOL! My name got kinda sticky since Frozen!! Yes, I was referring to the tiles.