Smart Things Developer cant find my hub


Im located in Sweden, and i got my hands on a ST v2 from UK today. I saw a small “how-to” on how to connect IKEA’s Trådfri bulbs and can’t seem to get past the step of find my hub. As i understand it every hub is located on a different shard. I’ve tried the suggested url’s to the shard’s but nothing seems to find my hub. I have basically tried everything for hours.

This is the How-To

Does somebody have a answer to this?

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If you are using a “Samsung Login”, then a recent common issue is that Samsung and SmartThings logins aren’t sync’d up and might require contacting Support. … or they eventually sync on their own.

That’s the most common issue I’ve heard about this, assuming you are 100% certain you are on the right shard.

What is your Shard URL?

You need to sign in with your Samsung account here:

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