Smart Things and Frontpoint Security

Is it possible to integrate Smart Things with Frontpoint Security? I currently have smart things with numerous devices and I also have the Qolsys IQ Panel for Smart Things.

Is it possible to integegrate the Panel to Smart Things? Also, what technology do the GE Sensors communicate over? is it Z-Wave/Zigbee or a separate protocol that Smart Things cannot pick up?

There are many different models of GE sensors and they use different protocols. Which specific model numbers do you have?

They are technically made by interlogix,

What I am looking to do is integrate the Frontpoint Panel with Smartthings so smart things can see all the sensors.

OK, those specific sensors use a proprietary frequency at 319 .5. This is neither Z wave nor zigbee ( which are the two protocols that smartthings supports)

Consequently, there’s no way to make those particular sensors visible to SmartThings.

Many security systems use proprietary protocols for security reasons. They want to limit the ability of outside devices to get into their network.

Frontpoint does have an optional zwave module which they used to add some lighting control, but I don’t think you can add a secondary controller, which is what you would need to do for enough integration to see the smart things controlled Z wave sensors. And you still wouldn’t be able to see smartthings controlled zigbee sensors.

You can try a forum search, but I haven’t actually heard of anyone being able to combine a frontpoint system with a SmartThings system.

Sorry, I know that’s not what you wanted to hear.

I’d suggest getting in touch with frontpoint support and asking them if you can add a secondary Z wave controller to their system.

Thank you, I appreciate your response!

I guess at this point if smart things cannot see the sensors it’s no point. I do not have any z-wave devices connected to front point, only sensors for the alarm.

Thank you!

I know this is an old discussion, but for the benefit of people searching: FrontPoint uses for its back-end, and it is minimally possible to integrate that with SmartThings. This doesn’t get you individual sensor data but it does at least let you arm the system (and disarm it, but that’s not necessarily advisable).

See and Smart Things

I use this integration and have found it helpful.

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