Smart thermostats and TRVs compatible with smartthings (EU)?

Hello all,

I was looking around to make my central heating smart, with a smart thermostat and radiator handles. Obviously I want to use smart things for it, but I am facing issues with finding good and compatible devices. My current installation has only two wires for the thermostat and most of the ones that I found either require you to drill through the wall to add more wires or they have a very complicated process. Does anyone have had this problem too? Could you advise me on what is the best thermostat that I can buy that is zigbee/z-wave compatible?
Regarding the radiator thermostats, I found some that are zigbee/zwave compatible, but they are not listed in the smarthings list. Could you advise me of any zigbee/z-wave radiator thermostat compatible with a smatthings thermostat?

Thank you in advance for you advises!

What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :thinking:

Have a look at this topic. I can just only advise against any heating run by the SmartThings platform.


I live in The Netherlands.