Smart tag 2 accidental reset

I have a 4 pack of smart tag 2s their fantastic if you can stomach them getting factory reset all the time i cant tell you how many times ive herd the reset chime from my pocket i have a wallet with a slot for the tag 2 and ive had to add to my account eaisly over 30 times they are way to easy to factory reset
And its not just the wallet tag either my keys i have one in my backpack and in a nother bag all of them get factory reset occasionally ive resorted to keepong them in hard plastic containers to keep the button from being pushed with nagates the use of the button id like to see a firmware update that would disable factory reset when the device is in lost mode (witch i keep on all the time) or some other way of disableing this

I haven’t got a SmartTag 2 but I thought the factory reset sequence was broadly the same as the previous version: remove the battery; press and hold the button; insert the battery; keep holding the battery for about five seconds.

Is that not the case?