Smart switches lose power to light and fan randomly

GE Smart Switch and GE Smart Fan Control. Same fan and light. Randomly the fan and light will shut off. The switches still have power. After 30-45 minutes all works again. Wiring issue between the switch and fan/light?

Possibly a wiring issue. I would find the cause immediately and/or turn off the breaker if you cant troubleshoot now.

  1. Check for opens, especially the neutral. Make sure neutrals from other breaker circuits aren’t pigtailed together in the same box. Ensure the load on the circuit doesn’t exceed capacity.

  2. Check the activity feed to see if a smart app is turning off the switches. Probably ought to check the log in the ide, but you have to be logging when it happens.

  3. If the switches still have power, check the voltage during an occurrence of the issue.

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Another possibly is the fan remote. Could be a neighbor on the same frequency or a bad receiver in the fan. Some fans have shut off overrides for not enough power coming into the fan to protect the motor, and for power surges. Most new fans aren’t compatible with fan wall controllers. (even on seperate loads). Maybe disconnect the fan speed dimmer and replace with a switch to see if the prob persists.

I’m sure you’ve covered most of this stuff, just trying to be thorough.

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