Smart switches and loads

I am curious what people are using for multi button switches and load switches.

I am building a house and am planning out the smart switches. I have wired the house to be pretty traditional and use regular switches if we needed to, but I am twisting most of the light circuits together in the boxes to be always on and just using button controllers to turn on/off the hue lights.

My typical setup for a room has a couple light circuits and a fan circuit. I have been testing the Eaton Aspire 5 scene and the Leviton VRCS4 4 button.

I like the multi button. A bedroom for example has a button for the can lights, a button for the wall sconces, and then a button for all on or all off. Id like to just use a single gang box and have everything there, but the frustrating part is that I still have the fan which needs to be controlled by a typical load switch. So I’m using a two gang box one for the multi button lights and one for the fan. Is there another option I am missing to control thefan load and keep everything button operated?

What are some other ways I can approach this?

Todays wiring code has the hot going to the light fixture first. then down to the wall switch.

oh and per todays wiring code a rooms outlets are supposed to be separate from overhead lights. the reason for this is something plugged into an outlet trips that breaker, the overhead lights still work.

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