Smart Switch that updates it's status with ST quickly?

I recently installed some Osram LED lights under my cabinets. I have a spot to install a smart switch and I want to use ST to turn on the cabinet lights when that switch is turned on.

I had an Evolve dimmer switch that I installed; however, I couldn’t get it to work. When I turned on that switch in the phone app, it also turned on the cabinet lights, but when I turned on the switch manually, it didn’t control the cabinet lights.

Upon further inspection and research, it appears that that particular switch takes a while before it informs ST that its state has changed. Is there a better switch for me to use? If I use one of those GE add-on switches, would that work? It’s not going to physically be wired to an actual fixture, it’ll just be wired into power, and then ST will tell it what to control.

Thanks for your help.

Auxiliary switches don’t have radios in them, so that won’t work.

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