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Let’s figure this one out on our own. Any other weather apps allow API?

(phil) #467

I gave up since I was not getting any response and am now using webcore to mange it. Won’t know if it works until it stops raining and the temp gets warm enough. I went and bought a Ambient Weather Station so that I get accurate information. Who knows when the Accuweather API will be getting hit so much that they kill that one also. I got the webcore piston from the community forum and made a lot of modifications to account for my system. The maker of this also has a virtual system so all you are using is the relays to turn off and on.


Is there anything wrong with using Webcore for this?

(phil) #469

No as long as you use the virtual driver


Can you attach a screenshot of your webcore setup?

(Bruce) #471

Since I am using only 3 Zones (3 Relays of the 8 Avialable on the SainSmart Relay) and those 3 Zones only water within double digit times I have not experienced the issue with Maximum Payload. So I will just stick with the same Device Handler for now.
Its just starting to get warm again here in Northern Nevada so I have not tried to actually schedule the zone to run yet. I expect them to work flawlessly as in the past.

I have not updated any of the code and have noticed that I get periodic output to the Logs with the following.

Sprinklers received ‘pumpRemoved’
Sprinklers pump is noPump
Sprinklers refresh is ok
Sprinklers zone one is off1
Sprinklers zone two is off2
Sprinklers zone three is off3
Sprinklers zone four is off4
Sprinklers zone five is off5
Sprinklers zone six is off6
Sprinklers zone seven is off7
Sprinklers zone eight is off8

These updates to the Events List happen throughout the day and seem to be needless.

Would updating the code reduce or eliminate these messages? I am just considering “cleaning up” the output from all my devices within the Event List and this seems like an area that can be tidied up. :slight_smile:
I am hesitant to update the code as it has been working well for some time.

@d8adrvn Stan- Thoughts?