Smart Sprinkler System

turned them off and here is now the error
3ca3f35d-6667-4b98-af2e-6d1ad9c4f78e 1:20:00 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.lang.Integer.round() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.Integer) values: [2]
Possible solutions: find(), mod(java.lang.Number), power(java.lang.Integer), find(groovy.lang.Closure), and(java.lang.Number), any() @ line 244
3ca3f35d-6667-4b98-af2e-6d1ad9c4f78e 1:20:00 PM: info Irrigation Scheduler Temo Is Checking The Weather
3ca3f35d-6667-4b98-af2e-6d1ad9c4f78e 1:20:00 PM: info Running Irrigation Schedule: Irrigation Scheduler Temo


And it did not start

All, thanks for the heads up on the issue. Looks like this issue affected a number of Smartthings projects that use weather APIs. Thanks to Smartthings support @Brad_ST for getting out a fix same day. It looks like its working now for both myself and @mckenph

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@aldude, this code base is pretty specific to the Arduino compatible platforms. You would have to do some significant recoding for the Pi.

@cactusguy, conceptually, it would not be that difficult to add in some routines to allow one or more moisture sensors to 1) “call” for water when the soil dries out or 2) “skip” a watering if soil is wet. I think 1) is preferable because you can still run a base watering schedule and simply supplement between waterings. In the event the water sensor battery dies or some other issue, the scheduled operations will continue to provide at least some water. A few years ago, I started some code updates, however, I quickly found out that the available moisture probes were highly variable from probe to probe and changed sensitivity over the season. This creates some additional challenges for when to trigger the extra watering. I still think its an interesting idea, but have not had time to pick the idea back up.

Still having problems with API. When I try Weather = getWeatherFeature(“yesterday”). I get:

[response:[error:[description:a requested feature is not valid due to exceeding rate plan, type:invalidfeature], features:[:], termsofService:, version:0.1]]

All other calls seem okay.

I forwarded to support.

Support says its a WU API issue and to contact them…!

I’ve re-coded around it for now.

@d8adrvn Hi, Stan. I’ve been getting strange behavior on zone scheduling - has been this way for awhile, but I didn’t pay much attention due to the weather API issues. I have five zones, using your scheduler. Consistently, Zone 1-3 run in sequence; but no Zone 4 or 5. Below is my app configuration and this morning’s IDE events. Any idea what’s going on?

Thanks for everything.

I am assuming this post is dead for the people who do not own a thingshield, whatever that thingy was?

Since I’ve been getting unpredictable results from Stan’s (@d8adrvn) scheduling app, I created a webCoRE piston that apes most of its capabilities. I’m not sure the rain sensor capabilities are right (not much precip here lately), so if anyone wants to check/improve on what I have, that’d be great.


Are you still having issues with the internal schedule. I dont seem to be having any issues although I only have 4 zones.

I’m happy using the webCoRE piston, so I can’t really say how the scheduling app is working.

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My Scheduler does not work anymore (v3.0.5). I would really appreciate help.

@VikHeg, can you provide a few additional details? Is it just not triggering at the specific time or something else? If its not triggering, it would be helpful to turn on Live Logging and send a screenshot of what shows up, if anything

Stan, Thank yo for quick reply.
Yes, it is just the scheduler that is not triggering, I tried changing interval times too. If i turn on individual zones from the app, it works fine. Log is attached.

Thanks again for your help!


Hi @d8adrvn,
I’ve been using the Irrigation Scheduler app for the last year and it’s worked like a champ. I believe Smartthings must have updated something somewhere because it will not execute the schedule or the all on from the main screen. I’ve tried live logging, but There really isn’t anything helpful being displayed and I’m not too sure where else to check? I did see a warning status listed, but I cannot seem to figure out where the details behind the warning are kept? Any thoughts on where/how I should try and debug this thing? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Here is some of the live logging. Looks like something in the handler is off?

I have the same issue as well. Just started looking into this issue. If I find the reason or solution I will will post here

Hi @d8adrvn,

I experience the same issue as well and was working till last season.
When I manually try to “start” sprinkler controller from the home screen, I see the following event/command, but nothing happens after that.
But if I go into your app and click on any one of the configured zones, everything works.
Seems like the issue here is, when a schedule command is “sent”, something or some process is not picking it up

on command was sent to Sprinkler Controller
Name Value
archivable true
commandId 288
date 2018-05-09 6:25:27.503 AM EDT (2018-05-09T10:25:27.503Z)
description on command was sent to Sprinkler Controller
deviceId **************
displayed false
eventSource COMMAND
groupId *********************
hubId *****************
id ***********
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText on
locationId ************
rawDescription on
translatable false
unixTime 1525861527503
value on
viewed false

@CedarParkJb @S_M

Saw your post. My wife reports having a similar issue where the all_on command from the handler is not triggering multiple zones.

My scheduler app is still working fine after turning off ‘hold’ for the winter. @VikHeg had an issue with the scheduler not running at scheduled time and was able to resolve by simply deleting the scheduler app and re-installing. This seems to be a different issue than what I see in @CedarParkJb logs.

I should have some time to look into the issue tonight.

Hi, Stan! Just wondering… Any chance you are looking at Hubitat? (Hint, Hint) I’m moving that way and one of the few remaining ST integrations I have left is my irrigation system. I wonder when the day will come that my ThingShield will die and I have to do something else, but so far so good.