Smart Sprinkler System

So cool. Thanks for the update. A lot of rings I was looking for

@mckenph Does your SmartApp indicate 3.01 or 3.0.1?

Yes i need 8 to always turn on with 1-7

i would like to control relay 8 so if i need to fine tune it that would help. So if it could stay a pump and control it yes.

if its not an option to control the time with the app 5 min would suffice.

On top of the other issues I have I’m having a sending issue. I can manually turn on a sprinkler but when I go to turn it off it gets stuck in “sending” and won’t do anything. Eventually it times out goes back to an off tile but my sprinkler stays on.

Thanks for the help in advance.

I’ve recently developed an issue with this app. About three days ago, the ‘recently’ actions recorded in the ST mobile app stopped showing ‘Zone X is On’ notifications for some of my zones. The only thing that shows is the ‘Sprinkler Controller is Starting’ then the ‘Zone 1 is On’ then ‘Zone 1 is Off’…from then on, all I get are ‘Zone X (2, 3, 4) is Off’.

Then zones themselves are running properly and the water is being delivered as per the multiple schedules I’m running, it’s just the record keeping that seems to be off. Can you help?

The system is working great! Been using it this past month without issues. The particle photon is working great with the modified device handler and the scheduler app.

Currently controlling 7 zones. 3 valves are in the front of the house.

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With respect to the issues turning off zones, the most likely explanation is that you need to be a bit patient after pressing a tile. I try to wait 3-5 secs between commands. The Arduino does not multitask That means when its executing a command, its not listening for new commands. See if that helps. If not, then you have a very unusual issue and you’ll need to provide more details on code versions, screen shots of your log window

With respect to using zone 8 as a master switch/valve/pump. You already have the ability to manually control the switch using the device handler. By pressing the pump tile, it will turn on/off. Later this week, I will send you a couple lines of code that will delay the turning off by 5 min.

I noticed this issue last week and thought I had fixed it. Should be fixed in the 8 Zone Device Handler 3.0.2. You can get the patched code here.

Actually the Smart Sprinkler App version is still 3.0 I finished it up a month ago and haven’t had to do any minor bug fixes (knock on wood)

[quote=“d8adrvn, post:315, topic:3076”]Actually the Smart Sprinkler App version is still 3.0 I finished it up a month ago and haven’t had to do any minor bug fixes (knock on wood)
[/quote]Makes sense. I was wondering what was different between the “new” minimum watering temp and what I already had in the version I installed. Answer: No difference. Everything else is under-the-hood, so I in fact have it, I just didn’t know it.

Ok, I’ll try it when I get home. I’m trying to set up github integration, but I’m not able to get yours to work. What is the OWNER, NAME and BRANCH I should be using for this 8-channel project?


Thanks for the help with the code.

As for the sending issue. Sometimes I hit the button and it just says sending for like 20-30 seconds and does nothing. Sometimes I’ll already have the zone running manually and I try to turn it off and it does nothing. These instances happen only 20% of the time.
But this might have something to do with my system will not automate and run a schedule. So that might be more of a cause to other issues but I don’t know.

Thank you

Do you mind sharing your project setup? I have some ESP8266 boards that I would like to use.


I am not using a couple of my 8 relays and would like to use them for controlling a pool pump motor, on a schedule. I need a momentary closure of the relay to turn the motor on/off. Would it be better if the device handler were modified or would a new handler need to be written?

I’m looking for a relatively simple solution not a re-write of the scheduler and handler. I believe the timer.h library is based on milliseconds so how could the handler be changed to accept a 250 msec “on” command?

I’m running 2.92- works flawlessly BTW. Thanks!

I am using an mcp20s17 spi io expander to control the relays. The 8 pin header connects to the 8-channel relays described in this project. The board accepts the particle photon and uses the photon as a source of 5v power.

Hi Stan,

Great work here!

May be someone already asked it but i only have one zone one valve and i was thinking to connect the pump directly to a DC power supply connected to a Z-wave controlled outlet. can you guide me where should i look on the smartapp code to change it to use a single switch device instead the controller dive handler?



Well first problem ever. This morning I woke up and it said issue. Rebooted everything and nothing. So what is the troubleshooting process

I think my board cropped out. Removed it and now it won’t find it again

Sorry to hear it. Have you yet diagnosed whether it is the Shield or the Arduino?

I’ve only had mine a few weeks - and, so far, great - but I do worry about longevity. It’s in an outside box that’s mostly shaded but still reaches the mid-90’s inside. I threw a temperature probe inside, positioned right next to the Arduino+Shield and typically saw temps of 102.

I’ve been having this issue more and more lately (the switches not initiating or getting their state lost). I unplug it and plug it back in and it goes back to working. Not sure if this is a software bug, but it seems coincidental that several people would all be having boards go bad at the same time.

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