Smart Security works once then needs to be reset

(Dan) #1

I recently installed Smart Security. It will run once and then not reset/rearm. I have to go back into the app configuration and set it again. I’d like to use it without a “senor detecting residents,” but thinking that’s why it wasn’t resetting I tried with and without the resident sensor with the same result. So my configuration is:

Motion Sensors:

Contact Sensors:
Front Door
Back Door

Sensors detecting residents:

Which Alarm(s):

Flash these lights:
Front Door Light
Porch Light

Change to this mode:

Send this message:
“Alarm is sounding”

To this phone:

Arm system when residents quit for:
1 minute

Set for specific modes:

(Cameron Murdaugh) #2

This question/concern needs to be answered. My roommate today failed to set it into home mode. He walked through the entire house and then out the garage door. I was awoken by my phone getting messages about door opening (because i was still in night mode). The alarm failed to go off and it never gave the potential intruder message. I then did this in a controlled manner and nothing.

I was about to come here and rant but first was looking for a common problem and saw this post. I opened my intruder app, hit Done and then tested it again and then alarm correctly went off.

I am still trying to figure out how i have payed $500+ on this product and it is ok for a sub-product to be released. Anyone know why this app fails to handle the security after some period of time it appears that this app gets into a faulted or bad state. This is not ok, it is the reason i bought this product was for a security system.

Before anyone says have you restarted your hub, I just want to say yes I have because my presence key chain sensor keeps going into late night spam mode of me being home and then away (another ridiculous problem). So, now i pretty much restart once a week which is silly in its own right.

I know someone made like a master Smart Alarm app a couple months back, but then there was a hub update that broke the logic in that app. Has this problem been resolved?

(Ray) #3

I feel your pain too. I went back to my piper cams as my home security for now. There were too many fault alarms and siren from ST. Piper is now 10 times more reliable than ST as a security system. Too bad piper HD camera resolution is garbage.

(Dan) #4

I’m checking back in on this thread. Smart Security is still not working for me. I think the main feature of this app is to detect residents vs intruders. I don’t plan to use my motion sensors in this capacity, so for me I’m just interested in the flashing lights and text message. I ended up just using “The Flasher” app to flash the lights and configure the alarm to sound using the out-of-the-box app for that. I have ifttt call my phone when the alarm sounds, but you could easily add the sendSMS function to The Flasher if you needed that.

(Nathan McGregor) #5

I’m having the exact same issue. Here are my settings:

Motion Sensors: Aeon Multisensor, Z-wave Motion Sensor
Contact Sensors: Front Door Sensor, Back Door Sensor, Patio Door
Sensors Detecting residents: None
Alarm Settings and actions:
Which alarms: None (for now, I do have a fortrezz siren that I will set to trip once this system becomes more reliable)
Silent Alarm Only: No
Delay in seconds before siren sounds: 0
Flash these lights: (blank)
Change to this mode: (blank)
Send this message: Intruder
To this phone: 281-XXX-XXXX
Arm system when residents quiet for (default 3 minutes): (blank)
Assign a name: (blank)
Set for specific modes: Away

If this doesn’t get fixed and become 100% reliable, I’m going to box it up and ship it back. The only reason I bought smartthings was to use as a security system. I’ve got MiCasaVerde which works fine for the other stuff (light controls, etc) that I don’t want to have automated and want to have the option of turning on and off, setting scenes, etc.