Smart Security Hit and Miss

(Wamble J) #1

I use smart security to set my “alarm” when I am away and also at night. I have installed two instances of it one as Alarm Away and the other as Alarm Night. The only difference between the two is the motion sensor will trip the alarm when away.
I have accidentally tripped the alarm after setting it to night mode or forgetting that it was in away mode when I got home so I assumed it was working fine. Then the other day I came home and did not change back to home mode intentionally to trip the alarm and verify that it was working properly. But when I opened my door nothing happened.
So last night I tested away mode and night mode. In away mode most of the time it works correctly with the doors activating the siren, but the motion sensor was hit and miss.
In Night mode however it worked a few times, but many of the times I could open and close the doors multiple times without any alarm being activated. I uninstalled and reinstalled the smart app and it was the same.
Anyone have suggestions on how to help improve this or if there might be something I am doing wrong? Thanks.

(Florian Z) #2

SmartThings is having some serious problems with their SmartApp executor, lately. My SmartApps were sometimes unresponsive, and sometimes wouldn’t trigger events at all, this weekend. There was a similar outage a week or two ago, and another one a few weeks before that. You should get in touch with support, and let them know. I am doing the same.

(Wamble J) #3

I think you are right that it is what you call the SmartApp executor, because the “Things” are functioning correctly. I can verify that when I open and close doors it recognizes that they are open and closed, it just does not consistently recognize in the smart app that the alarm needs to go off.