Smart security/ alarm/ protect

Hi all

It’s been a while since I looked at this and wondered what success others have had. When it come to some security (cameras) I have used UniFi and Hikvision in the past. Mainly as it’s more flexible for ip streams etc (RTSP)…. What are peoples thoughts on what works best with ST in mind also?

On the protect front (I mean smoke alarms) I have been a nest user. Is this still a good route now google have stopped the api access?

On the home security side (alarm and door entry) I have no knowledge. What tends to be the best smart route?

With all it would be great for a one stop shop. Not sure that exists.


There are certainly some one stop solutions that combine security, audio visual, and home automation, but they are not based on smartthings and they are way more expensive, including annual maintenance fees. A typical cost for a system of this type is 10% of the value of the house. So if you are the kind of person who has a $20,000 home theater room then you would probably be looking at Control4 or Crestron for what you described. But then you wouldn’t likely be using smartthings. :thinking:

There isn’t anything that is smartthings based that’s an all in one solution, and with the discontinuation of the ADT product there isn’t anything for security that’s UL listed as all the solutions have a significant cloud component and no backup.

I think most people with smartthings just use a separate security system. It can be something inexpensive and simple like ring alarm or ADT Blue or Abode or Simplisafe, or something fancier, with a higher cost and probably a subscription requirement. That’s just an individual choice. You may be able to get some limited integration with smartthings, but probably not a lot. (Abode has the simplest integration path, through Ifttt, because it’s one of the few security systems that will let you use the alarm going off as a trigger for smartthings events. )

But different people will be looking for different things. There are a lot of candidates out there, but nothing that works especially well with smartthings as part of the mix.