Smart Presence Sensor randomly "leaving" and "returning"

My wife and I both have presence sensors on our key rings. When we are both home, smartthings will randomly think my wife has left. Then a few minutes later it will think she has returned, thus pausing the Sonos (if I’m listening) and triggering a bunch of stuff that doesn’t need to happen since we are both already home. Anyone else had any issues like this?

I had these issues before putting a USB powered motion sensor in the garage to act as a Zigbee repeater, even though the hub is located in a room directly above the garage.

Their range is quite limited without a repeater, especially if any walls are involved.

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I had similar issues until I added a USB-powered motion sensor in my living room. That solved the problem but I ultimately quit using the presence sensor because the battery life was terrible.

Battery life is fine on mine, but I still get random drop-offs with both the fob and the phone presence.

Using an idea from Digital monkey, I am changing over the way I use presence sensing for all activities. I’m now using dual devices at the geo-fence barrier, as well as a virtual presence sensor for better continuous occupancy indication.
Basically I’m trying to separate occupancy indication from the presence sensor device.

Details in the following topic:

Up until recently, my Android phone was solid for presence. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen my presence randomly ‘leave’ while sitting inside my home. I’ve contacted ST support, and I would suggest others having this issue also contact support to give voice to the problem.

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Not sure what you consider terrible; I got about 8 months on mine, initially. A couple of months later I had to replace the batteries in my Aeon Multi, and my SmartSense multi is now 50%. So, it doesn’t seem that far off the mark.

With that said, my Wireless Sensor Tags are all still in the 90’s.

If memory serves, my presence sensor went down to 30-something percent within a couple of months.

I noticed that in the past week, one of my Presence sensors decides on leaving and returning a few minutes later.

In the ‘Recently’ part I can see that it happens twice between 21:45 and 22:00 in the evening and once at 23:46h.

I have the fob in the center console of my car which is sitting less than 5m from the ST hub, and even less distance to the first Hue bulb.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

had one die the same way last week. erplaced battery still bad, bought one on amazon and a spare for 29 each and replaced it… works fine… this is the second one i have had go bad.

@allison. Can you share a link to the USB powered motion sensor you used please? Thank you.