Smart Power Strips? (Europe)


So i am looking for a smart power strip which will completely turn down my home theater devices. Aditionally i want it to take the power away from my computer so i can set the bios to turn on computer when it gets power. This way i want to be able to power up the computer through smartthings, right now i can only power down the pc. Anyone has any experience with these strips? Any tips or advise is welcome

So far i found 3 different smart power strips:

  1. Revogi. It’s quite a big strip to hide away behind my pc. Plus i read a topic on this forum saying it disconnects a lot.

  2. Logilink. It’s better looking and smaller. But on search here i get 0 hits. Anyone has experience with this product?

  3. Aeon labs. This one would be the best choice in my opinion. It’s the smallest, the cheapest and best looking of the 3. However i cannot find a European version, so unfortunately for me it’s not an option.

Did you ever find a power strip that worked for what you want ?

No. I haven’t. I ended up buying TKBhome pocketsockets and just plugged a ‘dumb’ power strip in there. They are very reliable and not too pricey.

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