Smart plug turned on without motion trigger

I have a motion sensor that triggers a smart plug to turn on a light when motion is sensed between 6 PM and 11 PM. Last night the light turned on without any record of motion in the sensor activity or smart plug turning on. I’m new to SmartThings, is this a common occurrence? Thanks!

Are you sure that you don’t have another rule hats associated with the Plug. Goto recent events in the device tab in the ST App.

Also, check to see if there was a power outage and if you Plug defaults to On when power is interrupted.

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Thanks for the reply @rontalley. I was home when it occurred and there was no power outage. I also checked the recent activity for the motion sensor and the plug. No time stamps on either when this happened.

So, the plug turned on but the fact that it got turned on was not recorded in the recent activity in ST? Then I would say the problem is with the plug. If ST turned it on, it would have recorded it.

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Thanks Ryan… a light really isn’t a big deal but what if it was a garage door? That’s my concern and question if this is something that happens randomly.

Yeah…I totally understand. But if ST didn’t do it then there’s not much for us to help you with, is my only point.

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Thanks. Hopefully it wasn’t a situation where an event happened and it wasn’t logged.