Smart Plug Clicks but No Power

Thanks… where is the starting point to open?

Are you just squeeze here using flat screw driver?

Look closely at the edge at the top of the photograph and you will see one of the catches.
Mine had some glue along the side where you have marked.

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Thanks, managed to get it done…

Working again? Well done!

Yup, it works after make those gaps smaller…

I just repaired one of mine and it was a small square fuse between the relay and the socket. It was easy to test and replace.

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That’s too bad these plug get loosen over time despite the thickness of the copper

Hi, I have a simillar problem.
Thing is I tried different brands of smart sockets and it’s in a specific outlet that they all get ruined. It’s also the outlet to which I connect my computer. I think maybe it’s the outlet that ruins the sockets because we have sockets working in different outlets. Also after the sockets get ruined by such outlet, they don’t work in other outlets either. I think maybe the outlet overcharges them?

Thanks for the heads up, gave mine a squeeze and now it’s working fine!