Smart Outlet, Dumb TV?

Has anyone got a dumb TV plugged into a smart outlet with power meter?

I was wondering whether I could tell if the TV was on or not using it, as part of presence detection in the living room. I’ve got a motion detector which turns off the lights if there is no movement after a certain time but, it doesn’t detect us if we are staying up late watching Better Call Saul. :grin:

It’s not an easy spot to plug in an outlet as I don’t have enough clearance, otherwise I would just try it.

It all depends on your tv. I would try and just plug one in and see how it changes when your turn it on and off. Something I have been thinking about setting up is a United security pressure mat and an rcolink contact sensor underneath the couch cushion. That way if there is someone on the couch the lights won’t turn on or vice versa.
Or if you get a harmony hub you can gain tv control that way as well.

Yes, I have my TV plugged into a SmartPower outlet and I have a piston in webCore that says if the time is after 10pm and there is no motion downstairs for 15 minutes and the TV is below 50w then shut the house down for the night.


I have 4 TVs connected to Iris Smart Plugs. 2 of them remember their last state before power was shut off. Bonus! Easy to measure Power when on and make rules accordingly.

Other 3 TVs are controlled by Harmony Hubs.

Saw a thread recently about a small cheap IR Blaster (ZMote) that can be integrated with ST.


Thanks! This place is far too helpful. Trying to work out how I could use a ZMote too, looks great!