Smart mirror


Hi im starting a new IoT project, the smart mirror, with this i can control lights using HUE api, however i would love control routines and display maybe info of my smart thing like current routine, change routine and more, im wondering if someone knows about an API for samsung, or maybe man in the middle? im attaching some screenshot of my project working using raspberry pi2 and a monitor

the original projecy was taken from here

(Brian Diehl) #2

I know for Windows, EventGhost might be an option… for Pi, you could take a look at Girder. Not sure how much it can access though.

(Different Computers. So happy with Indigo.) #3

I’m no programmer, but I see your Mac Mini sitting there, and I immediately wonder just how much CSS you know and how hard you might be able to re-theme a SmartTiles dashboard to do what you want.