Smart medical home device needed: small container that can only be unlocked remotely

this is needed for a remote caregiver (family member) to make unscheduled (ie non-programmable) medications available to patients when needed

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

If you are in North America, Yale makes a “smart cabinet lock” which is popular for this purpose and can be fitted to most cabinets or drawers. The model with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will allow for remote access from another location.

At about $90 It’s expensive, but has all the features most people want, and is reportedly, reliable, which some of the less expensive ones are not. It also has good customer support. And a number of good integration options, including with Samsung SmartThings ™ (this forum is for people using the smartthings platform).

And here’s the Yale product page. For whatever reason, they seem to almost always list it out of stock – – I think they really want you to buy it from one of the retailers, because both Amazon and Home Depot usually have it. But they do have more technical details if you want to see those.

There are a number of less expensive offbrand model cabinet locks used for childproofing, liquor, and medicine cabinets that you can also try, but for use cases of this type I personally prefer to go with higher quality products.

There are also some smart safes on the market, but most of those are designed to be seriously tamper proof, even if attacked with a hammer or a crowbar, and will cost several hundred dollars. The cabinet lock is usually sufficient for most home uses for patient or child proofing purposes.

still, another option is to get one of the medication dispensers which have the ability to dispense certain pills on demand. Some of those allow for remote scheduling. But they are typically even more expensive. They do have the advantage that the amount dispensed is limited to one dose, where with the cabinet lock or safe once you unlock it the person has access to the entire bottle, or, however, much you’ve put in the storage area. I suppose you could only put one dose in at a time, but then you run the risk of not being able to issue a second dose when needed. :thinking: in contrast, the medication dispensers are designed to hold multiple doses, but only dispense one at a time.

Hero Health is a popular medication dispenser of this type typically used for early stage Alzheimer’s patients, but there are other brands as well.

And some alternatives. Note that some have a one time cost, some have a machine cost plus a subscription cost, and some just have a subscription cost. So you have to do some math to figure out comparative costs. Also, check the descriptions carefully, I’m not sure which ones offer remote scheduling for on demand medications, but some do.

thank you JD, this information is VERY helpful, not easily found

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