Smart lock Wrong Time stamp

Hello everyone

When I go to the history in my Smartthings app and look at the back doors history it shows the wrong time. The codes and people’s names are correct but the time is wrong.

At 6:16 PM I unlocked the door and it says I unlocked the door at 11:13 PM

Any ideas?

The timestamp is in UTC. I’m guessing that is 6:13 PM Central.

Which app are you using? Classic or the new app? Which are you viewing when are you seeing the incorrect timestamp? Smart Lock Guest Access? The History feed?

I’m using the new app, not classic. I am just seeing it under the new smartthings app and under locks I click on history. Is there a way to change this?

The device details screen? or somewhere else in the app?

I’ll try to check the manual again but I didnt see anything.
I cant find it anywhere on the app and or the lock…

Is the screenshot above the place you’re seeing the wrong time stamp or somewhere else in the app? I’m trying to narrow down where you are seeing the issue to see if I can reproduce it.

Yeah, this is it.

Okay, so under the same view that you have shown I see the correct times when I go to that same screen. However I do not see the codes or who locked/unlocked the door i only see the correct times.

Under the guest activity history or whatever I see the codes and people’s names but the incorrect time.

Thank you! So that is from Smart Lock Guest Access which is an automation within the app.

After some digging, it looks like your location is missing the time zone which is why the events are showing in UTC. You may be able to self-correct this by re-saving your geolocation in the mobile app:

I flagged this issue internally. Let me know if the above doesn’t work.

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I have re-saved the location but dont see anywhere to add a Time Zone and it still shows as UTC

Thank you for trying. I believe there is a bug somewhere but am waiting to hear back from the team responsible for location data.

Thank you for trying to figure this out! I really appreciate it. I look forward to what you find out!

Hey Ryan,

A fix went out today. Can you check your timestamps again? Sorry for the wait!


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It’s fixed!
Thank you very much

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