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So am wanting to possibly add a smart lock to my front entry door. Have plenty of smart things in my house already. My preferences are the following:

  • multi-protocol (i.e z-wave, wifi, etc.)
  • power backup
  • mutli-way to lock (i.e. geo, phone, keypad, etc.)
  • possible built in alarm

Any thing else I should think of? I know mostly one is after the deadbolt, but for looks and acceptance in the family, would like something that also has the lower door handle as well. Been thinking of something like this, but the price seemed high. Though I do like the grade 1 it has for security.

Any other thoughts and considerations I should attend to?

Schlage Connect is the Cadillac of locks. Pair it with RBoy’s LUM app and you won’t want for features. I own three of them.

Thay can be hard/temperamental to pair because of the security requirements and I highly recommend a beaming capable repeater close to the lock. Once you get it installed properly you can go 6m to a year on a single set of batteries.

BTW take multi protocol off your list. They basically don’t exist. Pick the protocol you use the most. (in my install that’s ZWave…

Other alternatives to look at include Yale… Finally as to price. That’s about right for an automated grade 1 lock that can match existing styles… Keep an eye out and you can catch a sale for 20-30% off.


August Pro was the original multi protocol lock (zwave and Bluetooth to a WiFi bridge) and there are now a couple of others, including a Schlage model when used with their new bridge unit. And since Yale bought August, they’ve added a similar “Yale Connected by August” option for a number of their Assure models.

It’s not a bad idea if you really need a Plan B, say for hands free entry when SmartThings is down, but I agree it’s not essential for most people. The keypad is the Plan B for most people since it will work even if the hub/app don’t.

We’re going to see more of these in future models because that enables voice assistant control, which is a big feature demand now. But as long as you are using the smartthings hub for the other protocol, you won’t need it, since smartthings has its own voice assistant integration.

I agree with @nathancu that either Schlage or Yale are good choices. August is also a candidate if you want to keep all your existing hardware (August goes inside the door and fits over the existing deadbolt turnbolt to physically move it.)

I’m not sure what you mean when you talk about aesthetic issues for the existing handle, though. If you just mean that you want a handle set that will match the smart lock, Such as the one that you linked to, both Yale and Schlage offer these. (August doesn’t have to since you are keeping the same exterior hardware you already have.) They aren’t smart, though. Just the deadbolt part is smart.


Thanks for the replies.

So is August going to be best set to start with if am unsure at the moment? Having a whole new door setup put in and was thinking of keeping same hardware (since I replaced not long ago), but both the lower handle locks and then also has the deadbolt. Seems I always been used to having a lock deadbolt and door handle.

Many people have that set up. It’s just a question of how you want to use it.

Ina safer neighborhood, it’s quite common for people to leave the door handle unlocked during the day and just rely on the deadbolt. The smart lock then operates the deadbolt And the door can be opened. At night when the people go to sleep, they also lock the door handle. Or if they are going to be away on vacation. That does mean that the doorhandle has to be manually unlocked with the key if someone wants to get in during those times.

It is possible to also add a smart actuator device for the door handle, but to be honest, these are really ugly. They are more intended for sheds and garage doors.

The other alternative is to replace the door handle with an electric strike. This does give you a smart device that can be synchronized with the smart deadbolt and the bulky equipment is all inside the wall or on the interior wall so it looks fine. But it won’t work with your existing handle, you have to replace it.

Here are some threads where the issue was previously discussed with pictures of various options:

Door knob to use with smart lock

Synchronized Smart Door knob and Deadbolt?


Here’s a post that compares lock features in a table format to get you started.
Also the first post on this topic provides a more comprehensive list of features available for each lock brand and model.


Thanks for all the great info!

So I think I want to go with the Schlage or a Yale lock. Was trying to figure if the Yales like this are Grade 1 as well. If not, anyone know of a similar setup?

@RBoy - do your apps work with open/close on its own or do you know if these locks have that?

The Schlage Connect is grade 1. Here’s a z wave model (the same one I personally use) with the matching handle. “ANSI Grade 1 Highest Residential Security”

Some locks have a built in sensor like Yake DPS, August Pro, IDLock, KeyWe etc. the topic lists the details of the locks. If you’re using the LUM app you can use an external sensor for a various sensor related actions.

ANSI Grade 1 is a commercial rating, intended for buildings where the only way in is through the door, so they are intended to withstand a battering ram type attack (or multiple kicks). Overkill for the typical US home, since neither the doors or windows can withstand similar attacks regardless of the lock. In other words the bad guys will just come through the window. If you have put bars on every window on your home and added a metal grate security gate to every door, you need grade 1 locks. Otherwise grade 2 is a “light commercial grade” and makes a very good residential lock while grade 3 is good enough for many people.

Schlage makes a marketing statement out of manufacturing most of their smart locks to grade 1, but it’s not needed by most US homeowners.

Yale models are mostly grade 2, but just check with them, they can give you the specs for any model. :sunglasses:

Yale uses higher quality touchscreens than Schlage as well as quieter motors, which are features many consumers like. So the manufacturing costs were spent on that rather than hardening against attacks that are unlikely to happen if there’s a window nearby. :wink: Choice is good.


Also you can put a steel reinfcement plate behind the strike plate and drive the strike plate into the door framing with 3" wood screws on almost any residential lock…

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