Smart Lock Guest Access Overview

I reached out to SmartThings Support. While they were not able to link to a Manual, FAQ, or Overview, they did provide this comprehensive overview, which may help other users in setting up the Smart Lock Guess Access App:

Brief Overview

We would like to inform you that with Smart Lock Guest Access, you can remotely program and manage codes for your connected smart door locks from your phone at any time. Smart Lock Guest Access can also show you the status of all of your locks at a glance, lock all doors with a single press, and show you the recent activity of your lock–including which guest codes were used and when.

Here are the steps to set up Smart Lock Guest Access:

To get started, first enable the Smart Lock Guest Access Recommended Automation in the SmartThings app:

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Plus (+) icon and select SmartApp
  2. Select Smart Lock Guest Access.
  3. Touch CONTINUE.
  4. Touch Allow to confirm

The Smart Lock Guest Access card will be automatically added to your Home screen.

Managing locks:

Using the Smart Lock Guest Access card, you can view the current state of your locks and lock all locks with a single press.

When all doors are locked, the card will turn blue. When any door is unlocked, the card will turn red. Touch LOCK ALL to quickly lock all unlocked doors.

Creating guest codes:

Create guest codes to invite guests to use your smart locks. Each guest code must have a unique guest name and can be between 4 to 8 characters, depending on the lock’s native capabilities.

After creating a guest code, you can share the code with your guest via email, text message, or manually by copying the invite. You can also simply just tell your guest the code.

Note: Any lock codes created in the SmartThings app will override codes created on the physical lock.

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Smart Lock Guest Access card
  2. Touch the dropdown arrow beside Locks
  3. Select Lock codes
  5. Enter the guest’s name
  6. If you have more than one lock, assign the code to a lock
  7. Enter the code
  8. Touch CREATE CODE
  9. Touch SHARE to share the code with your guest

Managing guests:

After creating a guest code, you can delete the code or change the name of the guest at any time in the SmartThings app.

Note: For security purposes, lock codes cannot be altered after they have been created. To edit a lock code, delete the existing guest code and create a new one:

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Smart Lock Guest Access card
  2. Touch the dropdown arrow beside Locks
  3. Select Lock codes
  4. Select the guest code
  5. Touch EDIT GUEST NAME to rename the guest, or touch DELETE to delete the code

Regarding the Maximum Number of Users Per Lock

Regarding the query which you have asked about the maximum number of Users per lock, we would like to inform you that the maximum number of users per lock depends on the specific lock model which you are using. Based on the given details, we will let you know about the maximum number of users for the lock.

Helpful Link for Searching Related Posts in the SmartThings Community

We would like to inform you that you can check out our SmartThings community forum regarding the information you need. For your reference, please visit the link below:

So just to clarify, the USA has a smart app available to manage locks developed by Samsung for free called the Smart Lock Guest Access smart App. While the rest of the world relies on @RBoy developing and supporting their own smart app (Lock User Management or LUM) at a cost of $40?

Is that correct, have I interpreted this situation correctly?

I have Samsung Smart door lock SHP-A30. this lock doesn’t need a hub to connect, instead it has a wifi-module.

Unfortunately, The smart lock guess app is not working and always pop-up message(No Locks are online. try again later) despite having all the door activity visible.

Any one has idea?


Brad no longer works at ST

I want to use ‘smart lock guest access’. when I click on it under the ‘life’ section of the app… the error message is ‘There was a problem connecting. try again later’.

what is wrong?

I should mention that i have paired my schlage door lock to ST app and I can do basic lock/unlock

login to IDE at go to the Devices section and locate your lock. What device type is assigned to the lock?

model of the lock? z-wave or zigbee

As always, you may wish to contact ST support directly to report the issue and let them investigate. :slight_smile:

thanks. I called ST and spent about 1.5 hours on the phone, the agent was very helpful but no success !
-my hub had to be reset for it to be registered properly to me and my email address. -we did that and then couldnt even get the schalge fe599 lock to pair with the hub!
-this was a step backwards as it had been paired fine for 6 months!
-remember , my only goal was to use the ‘smart lock guest access’

PROBLEM: the FE999 LOCK will not pair with HUB. I enter the 6 digit programming code into the lock and try to put it into ‘enrolllment mode’ but it immediately blinks red which I think means it refuses to be 'discoverable.

I dont think this has anything to do with the ST HUB, but am i mistaken?

Try powering down the hub for a few minutes, power it up and try excluding the lock through the ST app, then attempt to add the lock.

I will try because Im desperate :slight_smile:

but Im not familiar with excluding a device. what is that and how do i do it?

to perform a z-wave exclusion, in the ST app, open the the tile for your ST hub (in Devices section click on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen and choose "All Devices: and look for your hub to open it) then click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and select z-wave exclusion. When you put the hub into exclusion mode you will then put your lock into exclusion mode… 6 digit prog code + schlage button + 0 (or I believe that is the correct way). Follow your lock guide for detailed info on excluding a lock. The ST app should report that a device was excluded. At that point, you can add the lock.

I did follow you suggestion but no success. I want to make sure Im not making assumptions that are incorrect

  1. I put the hub itself into ‘exclusion mode’ for the purpose of then ‘excluding a device’ ?
  2. this confuses me because the lock is not showiing as a device in the app . is excluding a device the same thing as ‘deleting it’?
  3. on the FE599 lock. there are instructions for putting it in enrolllment mode but not for exclusion mode
  4. the instructions for enrollment mode is basicallyl what you suggested
  5. when i do it, the lock immdicately blinks red 6 times which seems to me to indicate an error
  6. are we sure the lock is talkking to the hub when it decides to blink red?

tagging @RBoy who is the lock expert on the forum

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You may need to bring the hub closer to the lock.

as for this part, when you deleted it, did you put the lock into exclusion mode? or did you force delete? force delete does not remove the connection from the lock and only way to resolve is exluding to get the lock ready again.

check the manual… it is also exclusion mode. There is a footnote: 4 Bridge must be put into enrollment mode before lock for successful enrollment/exclusion

Do you happen to remember what the battery percentage was displayed in the ST app earlier? Perhaps they are low and need replacing.

just curious if you were able to get Smart Lock Guest Access installed?

no. ironicallyl I spent 1.5hours with ST phone support to get the smart lock guest access installed. he made me do factory reset of the hub and now i cant even pair with the lock… so im moving backkwards! :sob:

yes , battery was over 60% so i doubt this is the reason

im not sure that applies to ST HUB, but i did try to put the hub in scan for devices mode and then did the enrolllment command on the lock

this is where im confused , i dont think i deleted the lock. it was not there after we did factory reset of hub. when I tried to exclude the lock, there was no icon to click on , i simply went down the reference list of supported devices and followed the generaic exclusion instructinoss for the fe599 , which again retuled in 6 red flashes

login to IDE at go to the Devices section, if the lock is still there… delete it. Then exclude it again from the app and get the hub close to the lock

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FE599 can be finicky locks at times. I would start by putting in a fresh set of batteries, bringing the lock to within 3ft of the hub and then following these instructions:

On the FE599 it’s the same process for pairing and exclusion - Enter your Master code → Press Schlage → Press 0

The lock will not pair unless it’s excluded but it can be excluded multiple times.

@RBoy thanks I will try your suggestion…but what does ‘exclusion’ actually mean/do. am I excluding the ‘device’ ie the lock in this case? when i go thru the exclusion process on the app, the app just points me to generic instructions for a schlagle lock. when I execute that proceedure on the lock… is it the app or the actual hub that will then ‘move/exclude’ knowledge of that device.

is there any way to see what is exclulded or included by llooking in a file somewhere?

its hard to beleive it needs new batteries if the llittlel motors can easily move the lock between lock and unlock modes which i thinkk takes energy than zwave transmit…but im just guessing


Exclusion is a two way process for the lock and hub to update their databases and routing tables. If there are non excluded devices in the routing tables then they can lead to ghost devices and it can cause all kinds of havoc in the mesh. See this write up on identifying and removing ghost devices.

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