Smart Lock Guest Access "No Locks Are Online. Try Again Later"

If you have access to RBoy apps you can this app for managing your lock and users:

Yes, I just bought the SmartHub and Schage lock and get the same error. REmoved/reinstalled app NO CHANGE, rebooted everything NO CHANGE…

Did you ever get this fixed and if so what fixed it? I tried all the typical, remove app(s), reboot and still NADA. I’m using an iPhone if that matters,

What brand/model locks and what device handlers are you using?

The lock is a Schlage Connect BE469ZP CAM 619 lock with the Samsung GP-U999SJVLGDA 3rd Gen SmartThings Hub. As for device handlers the ones that came with it and the SmartThings v 1.6.51-435 iPhone app.

I think you may need this device handler to get your BE469ZP to work with SmartThings. There’s a firmware defect in that lock which is why I think ST dropped support for this lock recently. The above device handler has a workaround for this firmware defect and should allow you program it through SmartThings.

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Do you guys have anything like a 30 day demonstration license? Also, the “rental” applications sound interesting but the site is a little cluttered to understand the “apps” it contains and their function.

I am about to install 32 Schlage BE469ZP locks in a condo complex with ST V3 hubs in each unit. In what way did ST drop support recently as you mentioned?

If you see the screenshot above it won’t show up a lock that you can select in Smart Guest Locks without a compatible device handler (the new default action is not to allow programming due to the firmware bug).

It doesn’t mean the lock doesn’t work with SmartThings, it’ll work just fine with the correct device handler. In fact this lock is feature rich and packed with many advanced options.

You can find more details about the bug and the fix on this post here:

I installed one of these locks a couple months ago for my backdoor and it was allowing me to add codes. Yesterday I installed a second one on my front door and I was still able to see the backdoor online but never saw the front. So, I uninstalled everything and factory reset the locks and the hub. Now neither of the doors will show “online.” I spent hours to no evail. Im going to try that work arround and see if thay works.

Well come to find out those options cost money. Hopefully there will be an update soon?

Holy crap! Finally after hours and hours I figured it out. Go to this site log in and go to the top right 3 line menu. Click on devices. Click on the lock. Scroll down to the bottom left and click Edit. Change Type* to Z-wave lock. Mine were set to z-wave lock without codes. I tried setting it to Z-wave lock with codes and that didnt work. What the royal F. Ive been trying to figure this out since 1PM. Its now 11PM. I hope this helps.

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for everyone else → :slight_smile: otherwise you may get unexpected results using that posted link

Thanks for the fast reply. Any word if ST will update the DH or the Schlage BE469ZP will get a firmware update? I’m planning on starting to install the 32 locks on Friday. My personal lock (installed several months ago) is working fine with the currently DH and lock codes. I really don’t want to manually update all 32 of the DHs for the locks, and since I’ve already charged the other owners in my complex for the locks, I can’t ask them to purchase additional software. Most of them are not very tech savy. Thanks for any help. Mike

From the research Ive, done they are saying that the support for this product has been discontinued. If they arent tech savy then they probablly wont be remotely adding guest access codes. The manual code entry works just fine. If I were you I would add it in the instructions for when they have to install smart things app. Maybe someone else here can do a screen shot play by play on what to do and you can print them out at kinkos and make coppies to hand to everyone.

This was a recent change from SmartThings. At this time I think the two options to get this lock programmable through SmartThings are:

  1. Install the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler (which compensates for the lock firmware issue), then pair the lock and it will automatically be assigned the device handler.
  2. Pair the device without any custom device handlers and then manually update the device handler in the IDE to Z-Wave Lock. Keep in mind some users may experience dropped/missing notifications since the lock firmware bug was the underlying reason why the lock was dropped from this stock device handler. This can be partially improved with the addition of buffering devices.

Unfortunately both require some effort on part of the user/installer. Schlage doesn’t have a history of creating firmware updates and if they do it’ll most likely be available for new locks, since ST cannot push z-wave firmware (or you can purchase a separate Z-Wave stick and programming software to update the lock firmware when available).

Thanks again for a quick reply! LIke I had mentioned, the other 31 owners in my condo complex have already paid for the Schlage BE469ZP locks, the ST hubs, and for installation (very cheap labor from me). I really can’t go back and ask for another $40 from each owner for your full set of apps. I sure wish I could! Is there any way to install the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DH without the added software? Do you happen to know if the BE469ZP version of the locks are affected or just the non Z Wave Plus locks?

Most of the owners are not very computer savvy and would most likely not use any of the extra features. I plan to purchase your whole set once I finish installing the locks and hubs. I’ve been holding off to make sure that I can duplicate any issues that they may have with a normal installation. I have spent over 100 hours building a website based user manual for the owners that shows them every feature of the locks and ST hubs before I found out about the DH issues. I’m hoping that I won’t have to change it very much.

Thanks for any advice on how to move forward,

Mike O’Neal
Evergreen, CO

Thanks, ForceMOD. Unfortunately I sold the owners on the ability to change the codes remotely. They are being installed in Breckenridge, CO where most of the owners do short term rentals at the ski resort and are not physically there to do the manual user code change between rentals. I did make very extensive instructions for each owner on how to change the codes remotely.

If they’re doing rentals, you may want to check out Rental Lock Automater, especially if they’re using AirBnB, VRBO or any similar booking provider. It completely automates the rental process and is much more reliable than Smart Lock Guest Access (e.g. it can handle temporary mesh and internet failures, it’ll notify them if something is wrong and automatically creates/deletes users).

I just have a quick question. I reached out to ST customer support about device handlers due to an issue with the Schlage Connect 469ZP lock, and they responded with:
“This is to let you know that we in SmartThings do not support device handlers, however, I’ve considered this as a feature request and send it over to our developer team so that they can make it available on future updates”.
If this is the case, I was wondering exactly who is responsible for the DH?