Smart Lights - Sunset Trigger Not Working ONLY in Smart Lighting?

So, having an odd problem. A single Smart Lighting routine won’t fire. Here’s some of the details:

  • It uses Sunset (-45m) as trigger time and is doing a ‘turn on and set level to 100%’ for 4 switches/dimmers.
  • It was working fine until the hub update on Wednesday.
  • I deleted and remade the specific automation that does this.
  • Everything is fine re: my Hub and time zone, tracking sunset time, etc.
  • A routine I have that fires at Sunset (-45m) is working fine and executing.
  • Three other Smart Lighting actions that fire at set times all are firing off fine.

So…any ideas? Somewhat stumped by this. I like Smart Lighting because it’s locally processed but seems like the hub update screwed up something with sunset maybe? Not clear what since the routine fired off fine.

I would post in the official announcement thread about the firmware update and see if anybody there has any ideas:

Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

Is the automation currently installed? I can take a look.

I actually removed it and switched things over to a Routine to see if that works. Given new (or existing I didn’t know about) functionality in routines, it may actually work just as well.

If it fires, I’ll respond here later (since I need to wait until sunset to test - its a SLOW debugging process :slight_smile: ) and update.

So…worked fine as a Routine.

Anything different between Routines and the Smart Lighting app that would cause this? (I’m assuming it’s that it’s locally processed…?)