Smart Lights - Feature Requests

I was thinking about it and wouldn’t mind the option to have a random color option for the Hue accent lights I use. A fixed single color gets boring, but there’s no way to do much else in Smart Lighting.

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Bring Lux in to the mix. How this was overlooked/omitted is beyond me, its one of the most obvious choices for setting up lighting automation…If the room is bright, dont turn on the light!


I have different colors and brightness triggering based on mode. You just setup multiple rules in the lights wizard and have each run in a specific mode.

I’ve thought about that before, changing modes in order to change colors more frequently, but it seems like a lot of extra layers of overcomplication for what I’m looking for.

Right now, I have ‘home’, ‘away’, and ‘night’ modes. Adding more would confuse a lot of my other automations (or at least mean that I had a lot of work to do to get them all straight).

It would be much easier if the SmartLights app had the feature to just randomly select a color each time.

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If you truly just want a random color, you can do that through the Phillips Hue IFTTT channel. So, you could have your automation turn on a virtual switch which triggers an IFTTT recipe to randomly change the color. :rainbow: there might be a slight lag, but that’s not usually a big deal with a lighting change based on mode.


Now that I have a lot of smart lighting rules I’m starting to have issues with organization.

It is great that you can rename them, but I wish I they would sort alphabetically or something.


May have been mentioned already but how about the ability to return lights to what they previously were before you took action on them, no matter what they were set to previously.

So for example:

  1. Any light is currently set to on and 10% dim.
  2. Motion sensor detects motion, turns on the light and sets to 100%
  3. After motion stops it can return back to whatever the light was set to ie. back to 10% or if it was off previously then it will turn off again.

There is a smartapp written by @bravenel that does this. I’m on my phone at the moment, so I can’t find it easily, which is why I tagged him on this. I use the app for my hall closet, which does not have a light inside of it but there are recessed lights right outside the door. Instead of motion to trigger, I’m using a door sensor. Works perfectly.


I have a few, “Return to” instances programmed that would be nice not to have.

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You don’t have to change modes to do that. I have different colors programmed for different times of day that operate on overlapping schedules based on input from sensors.

Second this, I want to be able to use hallway lights set to lowest dim setting as night lights, have them brighten when motion is detected then dim back down.


Was just about to post the same. A ‘return to previous state’ option would be nice & smart. In my scenario I want to use the Philips hue bulbs to act as a notifier, for instance:

Motion is detected outside the front door - turn one bulb red.
Motion stops - return to previous state (whether that be off or a particular color/dim level)


Agreed. I would really like to have the ability to turn off a light after x minutes. I have been trying to code an app to do this for a while and I have not had much success.

That’s possible now. I just set up all my lights to turn off after x minutes of no motion.

Do you know if it is possible to do this in conjunction with presence? I want to turn on a light for 5 minutes whenever anyone arrives home.

If you could give some more guidance for this I would really appreciate it. I just went through the “Smart Lighting” App and there still does not seem to be any option to turn off after x minutes.

If you go into the device level the option is there.

I tried to do this within smart lights and the result was the lights turned on when motion was detected then turned lights off at the desired interval despite my turn off (only) logic.

This was 1/2 my poltergeist issue. While away my cat would set off the motion sensor and the lights would turn on then off.

I’m assuming that with the smart lights app motion detection cannot turn off a light that it did not turn on prior to.

Here you go:

Nope, it can turn off any light regardless if it was turned on via a Smart app, through the phone’s app, or manually. I have all my lights managed this way now, especially my girl’s rooms where they never ever turn off lights.

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So…I’m not sure what’s different about my setup where experiences differ (V1 hub and V1 motion) but when using that sensor to turn off lights when motion stops it sent a motion on command 1st.

This was while I was at work when the command was only during home mode.

I removed this from smart lights and instead programmed at device level and no more issue…works great.

What do you mean by programmed at the device level?