Smart Lighting will not open in the 'new' Smartthings app

Has anyone had the recurring issue of the Smart Lighting app not opening in the new ST app? It just says “Processing…” forever and you have to kill the ST app, or it eventually gives a %$#%@#%# error about your network connection? I can always open the Smart Lighting app in the Classic ST app, and at times thought the issue was due to broken rules caused by devices I had to remove. I reviewed all my rules in the classic app (without opening) and only found a couple that were broken due to missing devices. I fixed them but I am still unable to open the Smart Lighting app in the new ST app.

Any suggestions from the gurus out there?

Using any malware blocking on your home network such as adguard or pihole or vpn?

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Hmm, that is a complicated one to answer… I use AdGuard on my Android S20U, and I have primary and secondary PiHole 5.0 for DNS, and IPS on my Unifi router that is blocking stuff as well. As an easy way to circumvent it all, I turned off AdGuard and am using Tmobile for data… but the issue persists.

What protections do you believe, or know, cause issues?

When setting up my S20Ultra I had nightmarish issues as all Samsung apps were failing on Wifi… until I figured out that by GeoIP blocking CHINA (not Korea!), I had unintentionally blocked Samsung servers.

Those are just ‘possible’ areas but may or may not be causing your issue.

  1. try clearing your app cache
  2. remove/reinstall app and reboot device
  3. other device to test with… tablet or other?
  4. contact ST support
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Totally agree. I have over complicated my system beyond my knowledge in some cases :wink:

Now I am adding VLANs to add IOT segregation and increase IPs (253 are no longer enough apparently) so who knows what else will blow up.

#1 - will try that… I think it causes the app to lose some main page settings (sorting, hidden or not, etc but it resets on me occasionally anyway…)

#2 Not sure I can actually fully remove the app as it was baked into Android on the S20. System app? Maybe I can remove the updates, anyhow worth a try if wiping cache doesn’t work.

#3 - It does the same thing on my Note8.

I’ll pass on #4 unless I am talking to one of the fine ST folks who work on ST stuff as the general Samsung Support was clueless the one time I called… and my issue was resolved immediately by one of the said fine folks :wink: It is not fun to talk to someone who is supposed to help you and barely even knows what ST is…

Thanks for tips! :wink:

You best hope Is that @Brad_ST chimes in and offers you assistance

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These past couple days I have been able, on occasion, to open the Smart Lighting app in the new ST app. I found a few more rules that were missing devices and fixed them. However, I still can’t get into the smartapp most of the time on the first attempt and a number of rules are not working at all.

I believe this happened to me a while back and someone at ST told me to delete a number of rules and recreate them. I am not sure whether it was a corruption issue but it seemed like it. As annoying as it is, I will blindly start doing that with all the rules that do not work.

Does anyone know how to detect issues with them? I know that there is a ‘configuration screen’ for each one of them in the IDE but I don’t know how to fully interpret what it shows.


Initial findings: Looking at the IDE where Smart Lighting apps are listed, I noticed that events stopped a few days for the rules that quit working. One of them turns on a couple more lights when I turn on my main office light. The IDE shows that it sees the office light go on or off and I can control the other two lights without issues. Therefore, I deleted the rule and created again in the old app since I can’t get into the Smart Lighting app on the new app. The rule now works again… so something went wrong in the cloud and recreating the rules appears to fix the issue. That is exactly the fun I was looking for :wink:

I took a look but nothing is jumping out. My only theory at this point is that given the number of devices, the app might be timing out. If you have a specific timestamp for when it happens, I can try to narrow the search. You can also send logs from the app via Contact Us --> Report a problem.

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Earlier today I noticed that Smart Lighting rules that were failing had the play symbol next to them in the IDE. Pressing play would switch the symbol to pause like the majority of the other automations but only until I refreshed the page. I therefore deleted each paused rule and recreated it. After doing so, the rules started working again and they now show with the pause button.

I had to use the old app to do this as I still can’t open smart lighting in the new app. I have to force close the app as it just hangs saying ‘processing’ and in fewer occasions it says network connection issues. I have had it work a few times by trying repeatedly.

@Brad_ST Also, just in case you haven’t heard of this before… why is the dashboard in the new app constantly ignoring my configuration? Universal Guide keeps popping up even though I disabled it, and I have had sorting change, and hidden devices get unhidden. It’s a bit of a nightmare to use. I begrudgingly reduced my groups to 20 (limit is too low!) but it did not fix the issues.

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