Smart Lighting "When Mode Changes" trigger not working?

I have several cameras attached to Smart Switches. I set up a Smart Lighting “automation” to do the following:
What do you want to do?: Turn On
Select trigger: When Mode Changes
Turn on when mode changes to: Away
Also turn off when mode changes back: yes

No matter whether I use a routine or Smart Tiles to change the mode, the Smart Lighting trigger never occurs.

Should this work? All my other Automations in Smart Lighting seem to work fine (they are time and activity based, no others are triggered by a mode change).

Thanks … Mike

Sorry, I only thought to try this workaround after I posted the original post.

If I disable “Also turn off when mode changes back” the automation runs fine. So I just need to use twice as many automations and not rely on the “also do …” logic to work.


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