Smart Lighting Trigger with Start Time

Using ZW5 sensor for illuminance/lux value.

Using Smart Lighting control to turn on outdoor lights after 3pm and lux is below 35. The additional options display start time, i must also have an end time. What happens at end time?

Issue is illuminance was reported at 8am as 52 and outdoor lights remained on.

The notification log did not indicate the rule triggered.

The details of your instance are ambiguous. You can only use one trigger with SL. Which trigger are you using? “At a Specific Time” OR “Illuminance”?

And I assume you have something in the restrictions, what do you have under “More options”?

@HA_fanatic I couldn’t find info on how the time option interacted with the trigger. I’m using the ZW5 lux value as the trigger. then in additional options i selected the start time for 3pm and end time 5am.

The options under “More Options” section are just restrictions for the trigger. The way you have it, it turns your light on, when lux is < 35 BUT only between 3PM and 5AM. If the lux drops below 35 before 3PM, your lights will not turn on.

To handle the turn off part, you have several options:

  • Create another instance to turn off lights with trigger > 35.
  • Use turn on at sunset then off at sunrise
  • Create a night mode when lux > 35 and a day mode when lux < 35 and use routines to turn on and off your lights according to the mode changes.

I would stick with Smart Lighting as much as you can, so that your lights would come on and off without internet.

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good info i didnt know about the smart lighting being operational without internet.

so all routines in the routine tab execute from the cloud? where can i read up on app this insightful detail?

Here is the community. Lots of good info around…

I gave you an example for turning lights on. However I have a smart light routine to turn off and it failed to trigger.

Turn off
When lux is greater than 20 and
After 5am

Lux was 52 after 5am and the routine didn’t trigger. Before 5am the lux was below 20.

The “specific time” requires a range. If you didn’t put an end time, your instance is not complete and likely will not run.

Your light would have turned off at 7:57AM based on your screenshot.

i have an end time at 2pm. this morning the lux was 65 @ 8:07am, exterior lights were still on. then i changed the illuminance value from 20 to 5 and the lights went off. will see tomorrow if it works on its own.

This looks good. If lux becomes > 5 between 5AM and 2PM, your lights should turn off. If they don’t, call support.

You should have no problem getting what you need using SmartLighting.

I control my lights in Smart Lighting by using one routine (set by a lux level) to turn lights on, then another routine to switch them off at a specific time.

When they have turned off I have set mode to change to Night during which time the lux sensor cannot trigger them again. At 08:30 I have mode change to Home during which time the lux sensor can trigger them. The lux sensor is only allowed to trigger during Home mode. See below for one of my lights…

Turn On Large Lamp @ 80 Lux ~ Aeotec Multi 6 equal or lower 80 1:45 pm to 10:30 pm & when in Home mode

Turn Off Large Lamp @ 23:30 Turn Off Specific Time 11:30 pm

Goodnight Change mode to Night automatically perform when at a certain time 11:30 pm

Good Morning! Change mode to Home at the configured time at a certain time 8:30 am

I also have the lux sensor switch off the lights if the light level goes up again…

Turn Off Large Lamp when >250 Lux Turn Off Illuminance equal or higher 250

Additionally, in Night mode, motion sensors are allowed to trigger lights…

Turn On Hall & Large Lamp when Motion & <30 Lux Turn On Motion ~ Motion - Hallway “Motion Starts Turn off after motion stops After 2 minutes” Only when mode is Night Only if illuminance equal or lower than 30

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