Smart Lighting: Time = 0 = cloud execution!


Many of you likely know this already, but it was a revelation to me.

When you set up your automations in the Smart Lighting smartapp and you need a light that turned on when something opens to turn off when that thing closes, leave the “after this number of minutes” field blank.

Putting ‘0’ (zero) in the ‘After this number of minutes’ field seems logical… but when you do that, the child app runs in the Cloud instead of locally.

I stumbled on it by accident while reviewing my Apps in IDE. I noticed one Smart Lighting app was running locally, and the other in the cloud. I did not remember there being any difference between them except for the sensors and lights involved, and I knew all those sensors and lights were local. So I looked, and looked again. Saw the “” in the Time field for the local one, and the ‘0’ in that field for the cloud one. Understood it immediately. OF COURSE a timer circuit will have to run in the cloud.

Perhaps that label should say “After this number of minutes (leave blank for zero)”.