Smart Lighting - source code available ever?

Any chance the Smart Lighting groovy source code will ever be made available to look at? The majority of SmartThings SmartApps code is available to view (and, more importantly, to learn from) already in the GitHub repo, but the Smart Lighting source code seems to be under tight wraps for some reason? I thought this was supposed to be an open community where we can learn from each other’s code? I’m very interested in the inner workings (code) of the Smart Lighting app, in order to learn from it, but its source code seems to be a secret? Will the source code ever be made available to learn from? Many thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, SmartThings keeps some major SmartApp source code secret for various reasons.

One such reason is that SmartThings has several (maybe dozens!) of API calls that have not been published for the Community to use. For example, the Amazon Echo / Alexa SmartApp has a “Select All Devices” option in the OAuth flow. SmartThings does not want Community Developers to use that function.

Who knows what secrets are buried in Smart Lighting :thinking:?


Are there any similar examples at least? I’d like to make a “Party Mode” that when active makes the lights loop though colors/strobe.

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