Smart Lighting schedule not updating

Apologies if this is not the right area. Basically, I’m using the app to turn on a number of lights at a set time each morning. During the school year, it triggers at 5:20am, but during the summer I updated it to 6:30am. When I look at the scheduled time in the web portal, I see below:

Name Type Value
action enum level
days enum Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
level enum 30
lights capability.switch Kitchen Pendant Lights Switch, Living Room Light, Living Room Outlet, Master Bathroom Dimmer Switch, Sitting Room Floor Light Switch, Garage Light Switch, Entryway Outlet
modes mode []
overrideLabel bool false
scheduledTime time 6:30 AM EDT
scheduledTimeFollowup time 8:00 AM EDT
trigger enum At a Specific Time

However, the history shows:

Handler Scheduled Time Actual Time Delay (msec) Execution (msec)
stopHandler 2017-06-23 8:00:00 AM EDT 2017-06-23 8:00:00.849 AM EDT 849 575
triggerHandler 2017-06-23 5:20:00 AM EDT 2017-06-23 5:20:00.306 AM EDT 306 877
stopHandler 2017-06-22 8:00:00 AM EDT 2017-06-22 8:00:00.654 AM EDT 654 1681
triggerHandler 2017-06-22 5:20:00 AM EDT 2017-06-22 5:20:00.310 AM EDT 310 625

Why is the schedule showing one thing, but the actual events are different? I know I can delete the automation and start over, but would rather have the flexibility to update it and the changes actually work.