Smart Lighting Not Working

OK, that’s a binary switch, but not a relay.

Try changing the device type handler to “Z-Wave Switch.”

you’ll need to go to the IDE

Choose my devices

Find the Cooper in the list and click on its name. That will open its details page

Go down to the bottom of that page and there should be a “edit” button. Click that.

That will open the edit page. You will be able to change the device type handler by choosing from a drop down. You just want to choose the generic Z wave switch.

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True, good catch.

BINGO!! I changed it to “Z-Wave Switch Generic” and it works flawlessly. Thanks for everyone’s help. This community is way more responsive and active than the vera community. Hoping for the stability and reliability I get from Vera on the ST.


The community is great. Stability and reliability, not so much. :disappointed_relieved:

The company is definitely aware of it, and they have made improving stability their top priority, but they did that a few months ago and they’re not there yet.

The commitment is real, though – – they hired a senior engineer from Amazon in April to be their New head of engineering and work on scaling issues. So I do have hopes that it will improve. But for right now, people don’t choose smartthings for reliability. Just sayin’…

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Glad to hear it!

Don’t forget to remove the “away” mode restriction from the one automation if you haven’t already.

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Glad you got it working! I agree with @JDRoberts, I really like ST, but there has been a couple of rough patches here and there.

Overall I would say my rules work 98%+ of the time, and I have a lot of motion rules in my house.


I went with the VeraPlus when it came out mainly because of it’s reliability and customization. However, I’ve been disappointed in their lack of out-of-the-box integration with Echo and Google Home. We have to rely on the community to develop APIs and plug-ins to get minimal functionality with the home assistants. Seems like this would be a top priority in the home automation market. Anyway, I’ve got a ton of stuff running on the vera, so I’ll probably run both in parallel for a while until I’m comfortable with ST. Thanks again.

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