Smart Lighting not setting percentage

I have several light automatons set through Smart Lighting for SYLVANIA SMART+ A19 Full Color bulbs. The automatons run and set the bulb color, but they do not set the percentage level on the bulb.

So far to solve this I have a routine to set the percentage level. Though it is kind of ridiculous that I need two applications for one situation. Since Routines can’t set color, and Smart Lighting doesn’t observe percentage.

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So it looks like we have a bug in the zigbee rgbw bulb DTH and we aren’t properly honoring level in setColor. For now you could fix this by self publishing a copy of the existing DTH for yourself and then modifying the setColor method to be the following:

def setColor(value){
    log.trace "setColor($value)"
    def cmds = zigbee.on() +
                              getScaledHue(value.hue), getScaledSaturation(value.saturation), "0000") +
               zigbee.readAttribute(COLOR_CONTROL_CLUSTER, ATTRIBUTE_SATURATION) +
               zigbee.readAttribute(COLOR_CONTROL_CLUSTER, ATTRIBUTE_HUE)
    if (value?.level != null) {
        cmds += zigbee.setLevel(value.level)
    return cmds