Smart Lighting App?

Hi! Ive been seeing these discussions around a “smart lighting app” that will help with minimizing the amount of automation routines for e.g. keeping a light on while there is motion in the room. Now I need to use 2 automations for this…

But I cant seem to find how / where to install this Smart lighting App. Im in europe region / sweden.

Smartlighting is due to be retired when they retire the Groovy infrastructure. (we all expect this year)

I would STRONGLY urge you to reconsider moving new config into stuff thats getting retired. Especially itlf it already works in automations. Most people using Smartlighting should be considering how they move thier automations oit of it rather than moving in.

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Thank you! So the only way of doing this trough Smartthings is to have two automation rules running for keeping a light on while motion? seems a bit off?

The Automation engine right now is relatively new compared to the old infrastructure. Rules API (what the new automation engine is based on) works completely differently so of course the dev team has to change how some things work.

Over the last year theyve made SIGNIFICANT progress bringing the capabilities of built in automations to be on par with what one can do with Smartlighting. (read its work in progress, and why you haven’t seen Groovy completely removed yet). Automation that needs two pieces to work is minor. There are plenty of functions that dont have direct equivalents yet.

There is a rumored rules builder coming “soon” (probably a lot sooner than Groovy retirement) to help build more advanced automation (ala webcore)

Whether completely on parity yet or not CERTAINLY wouldn’t go backwards


Try your automation opposite way.
Turn light(s) on when motion starts, and have light turn off when motion stops.

There is no extra cost for second automation, yet :wink:

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we are talking about it here

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The SmartLighting feature is region-locked and not currently installed for Northern Europe.

On top of that, as others have said, it’s due to be discontinued soon anyway.


??? What do you class as Northern Europe JD ??

The UK is pretty Northern in Europe, Smart lighting is available !

The same applied before leaving the EU community

Good point. It’s available for the UK. But we have had previous forum reports that it’s not available in Sweden and Finland.

I’ve never seen a list of specific countries, it’s just something that’s come up on an individual basis in the past.

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Gotcha JD, those countries are usually referred to as

A. Nordic countries
B. Very cold countries
C. The absolute gods of WRC
(Ari Vatanen) my all time fav :+1:

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