Smart Lighting App uses Component ID instead of Component Label

I have a device (Leviton Scene Control) that has 4 buttons. Each button allows me to control a device. In the UI, I used a Component Label to give it a meaning name “Switch 1”, “Switch 2”, etc. Of course, because of rules, the IDs are “main”, “switch2”, etc.

Automations and the UI use the label to identify the buttons which make it intuitive for the user.

OTOH, the Smart Lighting App uses the Component ID rather than the label. In fact, it transforms the “main” id simply to the device name (no component).

This is seems to be rather inconsistent and dare say a bug.

Is there a way for me to address or is this a SmartThings thing?


Hi @harobinson

I’ll check it with the corresponding team.

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Ping. No answer on this query to date.

Hi @harobinson

I reported it to the team, but unfortunately, I don’t have updates.