Smart Lighting App for Sylvania Dimmer Switch (73743)?

Actually, you’re right and I’m right to some extent but not 100% because the specific device type handler that you were using, the one from Adam Outler, does treat this device as a multi level switch. I’m fairly amazed that it works because of the sleepy battery issue I mentioned, but apparently it does.

The other device type handler for this device, the one from @motley , would work just the way that I described.

But the one that you are using should be recognized as a dimmer, so at this point I’m actually not sure why it isn’t showing up in smartlighting. Unless smart lighting is seeing the button capability and then just forcing it into that category, which is possible, but I don’t know for sure .

And again, I’m surprised If the switch always hears the network commands, if it does, how long do your batteries last?

Anyway, at this point I would ask your questions in the author thread for Adam outler’s DTH and see what people there say.

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